Monthly Archives: July 2012

Robber Fly

macro photograph of a robber fly on a branchThis robber fly was lying in wait on a low branch in my yard.  Luckily I had my camera and tripod when I spotted it.  You can click on the picture to see a larger version of the image.

Crystal Springs Panorama I

Panoramic photograph of Crystal Springs near Wytheville, VADuring my recent business trip to Wytheville, VA I had some time to fill after work.  One evening I rode my bike to Crystal Springs.  I took 10 photos and stitched them together for this panoramic view of the springs.  Click on the image to see a larger image of it.

Great Blue Heron Taking Flight

photograph of a great blue heron taking flight

I was fortunate enough to watch this great blue heron for quite a while before it decided the photo shoot was over.

Butterfly At Work

Photograph of a blue and black butterfly moving on a flowerDuring a recent visit to the Big Walker Mountain Lookout tower, near Wytheville, VA, I noticed large blue and black winged butterflies busily gathering nectar from nearby flowers.  I had my camera on a slow ISO setting and the evening light was beginning to fade.  The resulting image of a blurred butterfly seemed appropriate to me since they seemed to never stop moving.

Mountain Stream

panoramic photo of a mountain stream

During our ride down the Creeper Trail from Whitetop to Damascus, we stopped at this mountain stream for a quick break.  I stitched together several photos to create this panoramic view of the stream and its flowing water.  Click on the photo for a larger view of it.

James River July Morning

panoramic photograph of the James River

During a morning walk along the James River it amazed me how much the river has changed since the spring.  The water is lower and there’s a lot of aquatic vegetation that wasn’t there just a few months ago.

Wildflower and Native Bee

photograph of a native bee on a white and yellow daisy

A patch of wild daisies attracted this small, native bee.

Campsite Gathering

photograph of a family gathering at a campsite after dark

With the benefit of a campfire and artificial lights, campers enjoy each other’s company into the night.

Stopping At The Lakeside

photograph of a person's shadow in a lake

We took a quick break from hiking to get a better view of the lake and noticed this little patch of sunlight right in front of us.  The mid-day sun didn’t offer any photo-worthy views of the entire lake but this contrast in lighting interested me.

Butterfly Garden

photograph of yellow flowers surrounding a birdbath

A field of bright flowers surrounds a birdbath in this butterfly garden at Holliday Lake State Park near Appomattox, Virginia.