Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stella in the Sun

photograph of a dog

Stella enjoying a raw hide bone on a sunny patch of carpet.

American Robin 2

photograph of an American Robin

This American Robin was searching for breakfast in my backyard when I took this photograph.  My mother always used to tell me robins were the first sign of spring.  This photo was taken in early February.  Granted I live 100 miles south of my childhood home but I am still always surprised when I see robins in the winter months.

Ravages of Time

photograph of deteriorating brick and concreate bridge pilings

The old brick and concrete bridge piers stand across the James River as a testimony to the ravages of time.  They once provided safe and easy passage across the river and now serve merely as roosts for water fowl and baron outcroppings for pioneering vegetation.

Colorful Fungus on Log

photograph of orange and brown fungus growing on the side of a snowy log

This fallen log, in Pocahontas State Park, near Richmond, Virginia, forms the basis for quite an ecosystem of colorful fungus and lichen.

Dark-Eyed Junco 2

photograph of dark-eyed junco foraging for seeds

This dark-eyed junco was busy searching for food among the leaves when I took this picture of it.

Frozen Blue Jay Feather

photograph of a blue jay feather on a bed of moss

I was up early one winter morning and discovered this blue jay feather laying on a frosty bed of moss.  Click on the image to see the larger, more detailed photo.


photograph of a woman and child in a large, open area behind a large, ornate chandelierI caught this image at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, quite unexpectedly.  I was photographing the Blue Ridge Chandelier, on the right side of the image, when the girl moved to look out an enormous window off the left side of the photograph.  I was immediately drawn to the spaciousness of this image.