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American Bison Bull


photograph of an American bison in Yellowstone National Park

An American bison bull stops to observe his surroundings as he makes his way across a hill in Yellowstone National Park.

The American bison is the only species of bison living in the United States and are abundant in Yellowstone.  They tend to take their time moving across the countryside but they can run up to 30 miles per hour, making them much faster than they look.  If they feel threatened bison will attack with their horns and each year ignorant tourists try to get too close and end up getting hurt.

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Cardboard Boat Regatta

Normally I keep to one photo per post but I decided to make an exception for the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Regatta.

Several weeks ago my nephew participated in the cardboard boat regatta.  The rules are simple enough.  Each boat must be homemade and can only be made from cardboard, tape and paint.  The boats are judged in several categories and then races are held by age group.

In the below photo, taken before the races, you can get a sense of the various designs.  They ranged from very simple to rather complex.

prerace photograph of some of the boats in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

In the youngest category the S.S. Lake Monster proved to be watertight but was too wide for this young rower to maneuver.  She maintained a good attitude and eventually a swimmer pushed the boat the length of the course.

photograph of the cardboard boat S.S. Lake Monster in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

My nephew rowed his boat, Sea Bear, to first place in his age group.  Needless to say we were all very proud.

photograph of the cardboard boat Sea Bear in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

These boys, dressed in elvish costumes, piloted Smaug, which was not much more than a large, painted box.  Unfortunately about 20 yards from shore the structural integrity of Smaug was compromised and it collapsed and sank.

photograph of the cardboard boat Smaug in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

This young lady successfully completed the course in her boat, Boatrfly.

photograph of the cardboard boat Boatrfly in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

Noah’s Ark had to be the most elaborately designed boat in the regatta.  It stood about 4′ high and was about 7′ or 8′ long.  It did well in the pre-race judging, getting lots of points for style and originality but proved to be less-than-seaworthy.  Here you can see it beginning to take on water.  Sadly Noah’s Ark went under before finishing the course.

photograph of the cardboard boat Noah's Arc in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

In the adult category the U.S.S. Monitor was an interesting entrant.  The boat capsized and lost it’s turret mid-way through the course but the paddlers righted it and managed to finish the race.

photograph of the cardboard boat USS Monitor in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

Hokie Boat started off strong.  It was way ahead of the competition until it began listing and sank.

photograph of the cardboard boat Hokie Boat in the 2013 Lake Of The Woods Cardboard Boat Regatta

For The Benefit And Enjoyment Of The People

photograph of the north gate into Yellowstone National Park

The North Gate to Yellowstone National Park is quite impressive.  Although I would guess most visitors no longer arrive through this gate, it struck me as a nearly perfect entrance to the park.  It’s large, rugged, and beautiful in it’s own right, much like the park itself.  You also have to love the inscription at the top “For The Benefit and Enjoyment Of The People”.  It kind of sums up the whole National Park system.

We spent a week in Yellowstone in mid-June which was a wonderful experience.  The downside was after a few days the park food starts to get a little monotonous.  On our fourth night we left through the North Gate to find pizza for dinner.  After getting our fill of non-park food, we returned through the gate and I was pleased to be able to photograph it with some interesting clouds in the sky.  Luckily the lighting at the time allowed the same exposure for the clouds and the gate so no HDR trickery was needed to make this image.

Look for me on wildlifehub…

For well over a year now I’ve posted three photos a week to this blog.  One each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Recently I was asked to contribute at least one photo weekly to a blog titled wildlifehub.  Wildlifehub is run by a collection of wildlife photographers from around the world and I am honored to have been invited to join them.  Since I don’t think I’ve got the energy to post four photos a week, I decided to continue posting twice weekly here and use my third weekly photo for wildlifehub.  I’ll try to reblog most of my wildlifehub photos here too.

If you haven’t been to wildlifehub I highly recommend checking it out (  There are lots of truly amazing photos on the blog.

Great Spangled Fritillary 2


photograph of a Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly feeding on nectarI was hiking through a woodland meadow, wondering how many ticks I was feeding as I waded through chest high vegetation, when I spotted several butterflies sipping nectar from a patch of wildflowers.  This Great Spangled Fritillary was one of two feeding from a small group of flowers.

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