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Other Photo Blogs Worth Visiting

Below is a list of some of my favorite photo blogs.  There are many others I could list but these have each inspired me in different ways.  Here they are, in no particular order.

  • wildlifehub – A blog of wildlife photographs from around the world.
  • Snapshooter – Lots of nature photography and original perspectives from California.
  • Words: Cornel Apostol is a young photographer in Romania.  Not to down play his other work but his posts of bees and flowers are simply amazing.
  • Stephen G. Hipperson – Stephen is a photographer in England.  He posts some great landscapes, scenes, and still life photos.
  • lindamichele – Mostly nature and flower photos with lots of great close ups and macros.
  • In Ogni Senso – A nice mix of nature, portraits, and other human interest topics.
  • Jorg David Photography (aka hellboy2503)- Consistently wonderful photos of reptiles and amphibians.  Each one is sharp, colorful, and beautifully lit.
  • Hiking Photography – Patrick Latter’s photo blog from Canada.  Patrick’s landscapes are spectacular but he also does some pretty interesting indoor work (like falling water droplets).
  • Joan Manel Zamora – Some very interesting macro work and lots of other things too.

I think you’ll enjoy them too!

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