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House Finch, Snowy Day, I

photograph of a male house finch on a snowy day

This weekend we had spring-like temperatures making it hard to believe I took this photo only about a week ago.  This male House Finch made for a colorful subject with the snowy white background.

Soldier Beetle on Daisies


photograph of a Soldier Beetle resting on wildflowers in Powhatan County, VirginiaThis Soldier Beetle seems right at home among the wild daisies in Powhatan County, Virginia.

Soldier Beetles prey on aphids and other crop-damaging insects but also eat some nectar which makes them minor pollinators.

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The Last Two Slices

photograph of two slices of watermelon

The last two slices of watermelon, bathed in the light of the kitchen window.

Downy Woodpecker on Feeder

photograph of a female downy woodpecker on a birdfeeder

This female downy woodpecker, and some of her friends, frequent my backyard feeder.

Stella in the Sun

photograph of a dog

Stella enjoying a raw hide bone on a sunny patch of carpet.

Forest Still Life

photograph of fallen bark, leaves and stones on the forest floorDuring a hike I noticed this piece of bark resting on stones by the side of the trail.  I was initially intrigued by the texture and patterns in the bark itself.  My first thought was to get a close up of the texture but when I noticed the bark was sitting between two shadows I thought it made for an interesting forest still life.