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Face Full Of Pollen

Photograph of a bumble bee pollinating yellow flowers

Just Above The Waves


I love watching pelicans glide effortlessly over the ocean.  They hang in the air, sometimes just inches off the water, bobbing up and down with the passing waves.

Morning At The Huguenot Bridge

photograph of Richmond's Huguenot Bridge taken from the James River

Canada Geese preen and sun themselves on rocks below the Huguenot Bridge early one August morning.

Grackle In The Surf

photograph of a Grackle in the surf in Corolla, NC, USA, copyright 2016 by Doug Couvillion

This Grackle seems to have learned a few things from the Sanderlings on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  It waited for the waves to bring tiny mollusks and crustaceans into the shore and then tried to catch them before they dug into the sand.  I captured this image just as the Grackle realized the wave was a little too big.

Tire Swing, Black And White

black and white photograph of a tire swing

Young Hawk Watching The River

photograph of a young hawk perched in a tree on the Rappahannock River in Virginia

This young hawk, perched high above the Rappahannock River was carefully watching everything going on below it.

I’ve had trouble identifying this hawk. I believe it’s a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk but if anybody knows differently I would appreciate your thoughts.

Evening Paddle

photograph of two men paddling a canoe on the Rappahannock River in the late evening light

The light begins to fade at the end of a day of paddling.

Green Heron

photograph of a Green Heron on the Rappahannock River in Virginia

A Green Heron patrols a small beach along the river bank.

Red and Blue Damselflies

photograph of a red damselfly and a blue damselfly on a rock in the Rappahannock River in Virginia

The damselflies on the Rappahannock River come in a wide variety of colors.  I thought this red one was particularly colorful.

Paddlers Silhouette

photograph of the silhouette of two men paddling a canoe on the Rappahannock River in Virginia

Two friends head down river at the end of a day of paddling.